Water filters are not just a sales ploy. There are many benefits to using filtered water in your business, other than just financially.

In order to maximise the day to day performance of your restaurant appliances and enhance the taste of your water, water filters can also improve cost-effectiveness and longevity of your appliances.

One big business-changer; discover the many reasons you should use filtered water in your restaurant.

Protection of Expensive Kitchen Equipment

Many appliances that are a staple in the kitchen require water in order to operate. Water may seem clear, empty and harmless from the outset, but what you don’t realise is water is full of minerals and dissolved solids like calcium, magnesium, zinc, aluminum, and iron, that can wreak havoc on your appliances.

While it depends on your location as to the hardness of your water and the effect it can have on your appliances, hard water will inevitably eat away at your appliances and can create a large build up of limescale.

By investing in a water filter, you will be able to remove water contaminants that can damage appliances and prolong their life. This, in the long run, will help save money by not needing to replace or repair appliances as often. Most warranties do not cover damage by limescale.

This counts for all equipment – the larger appliances like coffee machines, dishwashers and steamers, as well as small restaurant equipment such as glasses. You’ll see less scale build up and there will not be a need to descale appliances as often. It will also help reduce the number of unexpected breakdowns of appliances.

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

While you are spending more time, money and effort on appliances because they are rapidly building up with limescale, your appliance will not be working as efficiently as it was built to be. Your heating appliances will not be able to work or heat as effectively and this will can be reflected in utility costs.

By prolonging the life of your appliances, you will also be reducing the plastic waste produced by restaurants from things like packaging and bottled water.

Low Maintenance

Water filters provide optimal high quality water, which in turn provide long, maintenance-free machine running times. Filters do need to be changed, but the limescale build up will be significantly reduced.

Tastier Drinks & Meals

It has been suggested that by removing tap water contaminants, this not only prolongs the life of your kitchen appliances, saves you money, reduces cleaning efforts and is environmentally friendly, but can also make your food and drink taste better.

How? Well, without limescale build up – ice and water won’t have the same, fresh taste. Water rid with limescale has been known to have a funny taste and smell. Some people have been known to prefer ‘hard’ water, but it’s known to taste bitter or salty. This is due to the high amount of minerals that are dissolved in the water. This then has an adverse effect in the drinks you are serving in your restaurants, cold and hot beverages. Tea and coffee can be especially sensitive, so customers will know the difference.

Hard and soft water can also affect the taste and preservation of the food you are serving. Here are a few examples:

  • Beans failing to soften no matter how long they’re soaked and boiled. This is due to the minerals tightening up the plants’ natural pectin.
  • Bread products failing to rise as high as required. This is due to the effect hard water has on yeast activity.

By using a water filter in you restaurant kitchen, you can dramatically increase cost efficiency by prolonging the life of both big and small appliances. With the use of water filters, you can also decrease environmental impact and increase the quality and great taste of food and water your restaurant serves.