Quality water options for the professional barista.

Speciality Coffee Sector

Truly great coffee

Truly great coffee is borne out of enthusiasm. A meticulous dedication and determination to ensure ‘our coffee’ is as good as it can be. All good baristas realise every aspect from machine to bean has to be right, but only a few understand that truly great coffee starts with the main ingredient – water!.

  • Bespoke water solution
  • Take control of extraction
  • Adjust water to suit
  • Maximise flavour and aroma
  • Perfect crema
  • Make good coffee, great coffee.

The barista’s secret ingredient

Great coffee starts with perfect water. Some water treatment systems simply remove most minerals, even if they are beneficial to flavour and extraction. This attitude to treating water can result in dull flavours and a poor crema.

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Design your own water

Coffee is 98% water – so it is absolutely vital that the water used to make the beverage is the best it can possibly be. WaterCare have a range of specialist water treatment systems which allows the barista/operator to return some of the minerals to the water that are needed for proper coffee extraction and aroma. This allows baristas to effectively design their own water for the perfect coffee.

Solutions for barista water


A compact high-capacity reverse osmosis unit for use in preparing barista coffee and other hot beverages. Its multi-stage filtration system purifies water and enriches it with minerals essential for perfect coffee taste and aroma.

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Optimise the water for your coffee machine with new PRIMA Calcium Treatment Unit from European WaterCare. The drinks will taste and smell fresher, and the machine will also be protected from the harmful effects of lime-scale.

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Improve the quality and taste of coffee and hot beverages whist being more ECO friendly. The iX ION saves money and keep you green. Specially formulated to reduce scale and provide superior taste, aroma and crema for outstanding results.

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