Autosoft Water Softeners Catering Insights June Issue 2019Catering Insights June Issue 2019


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European Watercare’s new range of Autosoft water softeners are proud to be featured in Catering Insight’s latest issue of June 2019. They are available for cold and hot water supply with easy to identify colour coded cabinets.Blue Cold Autosoft Water Softener

In blue, the Autosoft range of cold water softeners achieve softened water for warewashing and laundry giving exceptional washing outcomes and protect equipment from harmful scale and other minerals. Optical sensors control the backwash cycle for a dependable, precise performance and is available in 10, 14, 18 23 & 30 litre capacities.

The cold water softeners now have industry leading Pentair control valves fitted for additional assistance. This makes them smoother and more forward to service, quicker to set-up and have increased regeneration efficiency. The back-lit display is clear to see in dark areas. For use with a cold water supply up to 35°C.

Softened water for warewashing and laundry can be achieved with European Watercare’s Autosoft hot water softener. In red, this water softener produces superior washing results and protects equipment from harmful scale and other minerals. Optical sensors regulate the backwash cycle for a trustworthy, clear-cut performance. They are available in 10, 18 & 30 litre capacities and have a timed or meter control valve.Red Hot Autosoft Water Softener

The man behind the great photos of our new ‘Autosoft’ hot and cold water softeners is Steve Hughes. He has done an excellent job capturing the functionality of the controls and clean design on the softeners in his product photography shoot. You can find these photos in our brochure and our website