Food grade water for the professional kitchen.

Food Grade Water Sector

The essential ingredient

Food grade quality water is an important element in the professional kitchen. Washing and preparing vegetables, brewing beverages, steaming, cooking, boiling, pouching, broiling and general food preparation all require water. This is why it is so important to ensure that water used in the commercial kitchen is of the best possible quality and readily available. Mains supply water is simply not good enough in most cases and will require treatment.

  • Fresh, clear water
  • Better tasting food & beverages
  • Reduces limescale
  • Increases equipment longevity
  • Reduces breakdowns
  • Increased efficiency

Flexible options

Your WaterCare consultant can advise of the best way to filter the water in your commercial kitchen depending on the size and arrangement of equipment used and volumes of water needed. In some cases it may be best to treat all the water supply in one place from one unit and it others in may be more practical and economical to use individual water filters for each appliance. 

Protect equipment too

Water treatment solutions from Watercare not only produce premium quality water food preparation, cooking and beverages but also help to protect equipment form the harmful effects of limescale build up. Scale will reduce the efficiently of heating elements, cause damage and clog up pipes and apertures. Ensure a scale-free kitchen with our recommended filtration systems.

Solutions for food grade water


A compact high-capacity reverse osmosis unit for use in a professional kitchen. It produces clean and safe food grade water for commercial kitchen use. Output 145-150 litres per hour.

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A compact high-capacity reverse osmosis unit for use in a professional kitchen. It produces clean and safe water for water boilers and other uses. Output 75-80 litres per hour.

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Protect your steam equipment from the harmful effects of scale and other elements. The Vapour CTU has been specially developed to work in harmony with combi steam ovens for outstanding results. Available in 10, 18, 23 & 30 litre capacities..

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The iX CARBON ecofilter provides the perfect filtration product for soft water regions, where scale is not an issue, by filtering the water to produce a clear, improvement in the quality of taste, colour and odour.

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