Steam Combi Oven Protection


Don’t pump money down the drain installing expensive drainage systems.


The only solution specifically designed for pumping waste water from island based combination ovens from only 40mm off floor level.

The European WaterCare CombiPump series has been designed and developed by our own research and
development team at the request of a leading combination oven manufacturer specifically requiring waste water from their oven to be pumped away at a height of just 40mm from the floor.

The CombiPump range has become an almost essential part of any commercial kitchen set up where floor gulley drainage is absent or where ovens are sited away from the drainage points of the kitchen such as islands. Either CombiPump System can be installed in a convenient position as your chosen installer can locate the inlet fittings.

The new improved CombiPump range has a capacity to pump away up to 160 l/pm which not only means it can now be connected to 2 ovens but also gives it the versatility to be used in various other circumstances where drain water is required to be removed and no immediate drainage is available.

The EWC Combi Pump is available in two colour coded models for easy identification.

CombiPump CB4

The CombiPump CB4 comes in a Light Blue cabinet and is designed to be used on ovens where the waste outlet from the oven is as low 40mm from the floor and requires the pump to activate at that level in order to prevent backflow into the oven.

CombiPump CB7

The CombiPump CB7 comes in a distinctive Midnight Blue cabinet and is designed to be used on ovens where the waste outlet from the oven is up to 70mm from the floor with the pump activating at this higher level.

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