Warewashing & sanitising chemicals.

High performance range of cleaning chemicals designed fordemanding commercial kitchen and catering environments.

For commercial dishwashers, glasswashers and stainless steel surfaces.

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General Dishwashing Detergent

For dishwashers and general warewashing.
Advanced formula that removes stubborn stains and food deposits for a professional clean. High sequestrate content, which means effective in soft and hard water areas.

CHEM-AD-002Size: 5 litres

General Warewashing Rinse Aid

For commercial dish washers. Prevents spots and hazing for a sparkling finish. Blend of specialist surfactants and mild acids in a taint-free aqueous base.

CHEM-AD-004Size: 5 litres

Glasswashing Detergent

For commercial glass washers. A machine glasswash detergent that removes stains and soiling, leaving glassware sparkling.

CHEM-AD-003Size: 5 litres

Glasswashing Rinse Aid

For commercial glass washers. Specifically formulated to give glassware a sparkling, spotless and smear-free finish. Results in fast-drying, gleaming glassware which is immediately ready for service.

CHEM-AD-005Size: 5 litres

Universal Degreaser

For commercial kitchen use. Universal blue, alkaline cleaner and degreaser concentrate, designed to dissolve the toughest grime and leave a spotless finish. Ideal for cleaning food oils, fats and blood, industrial oils and grease, dirt and grime.

CHEM-AD-006Size: 5 litres

Stainless Steel Cleaner

For commercial kitchen use. Specially formulated, food safe stainless steel cleaner for use on all stainless steel surfaces. Removes stubborn stains, hard water deposits and discolouration.

CHEM-AD-007Size: 750ml trigger spray

Dishwashing detergent5 litresCHEM-AD-002For commercial dishwashers
Glasswashing detergent5 litresCHEM-AD-003For commercial glasswashers
Dishwashing Rinse Aid5 litresCHEM-AD-004For commercial dishwashers
Glasswashing Rinse Aid5 litresCHEM-AD-005For commercial glasswashers
Universal Degreaser5 litresCHEM-AD-006Degreasing and removing grime
Stainless Steel Cleaner750mlCHEM-AD-007For shiny stainless steel surfaces

High performance products for the commercial kitchen