Treating inefficiency

Most of our products are designed to prevent the build up of limescale which helps to prolong the life of boilers, steam ovens, dishwashers, glasswashers and coffee machines. Scale forms on heat transfer surfaces and prevents efficient use of energy. Only 3mm of scale can cause a 25% increase in the amount of energy required to heat water. Our products help our customers reduce their carbon footprint accordingly.

In addition, failure to address scale build-up will ultimately result in permanent damage to heating elements. This will cause equipment failure, resulting in costly repair bills or complete replacement. Engineer calls outs or replacement products also add to the overall energy used in travel and disposal.

    • WaterCare products reduce scale build up
    • Increase energy efficiency of heating elements
    • Prolongs equipment life
    • Cut out costly repair bills
    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Lower equipment disposal

Reduced Energy Consumption

Softened water means increased energy efficiency of heating elements. A small amount of scale deposit on heating elements can dramatically increase the electricity needed to heat water resulting in more costly energy bills and higher carbon footprint.

Lower Repair Bills

Many common faults of kitchen, catering and beverage equipment can be traced back to scale damage. Softened water eliminates this problem resulting in less equipment down-time, less engineer call outs and saves money too.

Eliminating single-use filters

The revolutionary iX water filter effectively eliminates harmful, single use water filters. Rather than throwing spent filters away where they take up to 1000 years to bio-degrade, iX filters use a changeable insert which is recyclable and also saves money too.

Plastics Pledge

WaterCare's ongoing plastics policy is to look for ways of replacing non recyclable plastics with recyclable alternatives wherever possible. Since 2016 WaterCare have made great strides by developing products that benefit the environment and will continue to do so into the future.