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Water Coolers

Exceptional water filters for POU Water Coolers

With growing concerns about single use plastic, point-of-use water coolers are becoming more popular. Ensure clear, bright pure tasting cool water by using WaterCare’s range of water filters. Mains water is treated in a number of ways within the cartridge to ensure particulate, bacteria and odour removal.

  • Removes organic impurities
  • Reduces chlorine
  • Maintains water pressure
  • Clear, clean tasting water
  • Eco-friendly options

Reduces organic impurities and chlorine

WaterCare’s range of carbon cold water filters have been developed to improve the taste and odour of cold water whilst maintaining water pressure thus making them ideal for water coolers.

iX Eco-friendly filters for water coolers

The iX Carbon filters also come with Filter Insert Technology, which means the cartridge insert containing the treatment media can be removed and returned for recycling. This means it is great for the environment as well as saving costs associated with the replacement of the entire filter.

Solutions for water coolers and fountains


The iX TASTE ecofilterprovides the perfect filtration product for soft water regions, where scale is not an issue, by filtering the water to produce a clear, improvement in the quality of taste, colour and odour.

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