Cost Saving Managed Water Treatment Solutions for the Cost Sector.

Professional advice

For cost sector organisations such as schools, hospitals, care homes and local authorities, we offer a complete solution to protect catering and beverage equipment at minimal cost backed with professional support. We understand that catering budgets are tight and standards are high throughout commercial kitchens right across our UK cost sector network.

We are therefore uniquely placed to offer fully planned and managed service and exchange programmes to protect equipment, prolong its life and provide genuine operational cost down opportunities. Our range of water treatment products means we can provide a solution for water based equipment across your entire commercial kitchen environment.

Our fully managed & monitored water treatment programmes are designed to maintain equipment at its most efficient through scheduled servicing and exchange of water treatment equipment. Our PPM Programmes are arranged by our in-house team of account handlers specifically to reduce operational costs, maximise efficiencies and minimise downtime.

We employ a large team of nationwide on-call, quick response technicians to provide the perfect service for your sites, whether they are spread across wide areas, counties or nationally.

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Local Authorities

Quality assurance

Our expertise & knowledge, backed by ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 accreditations, prove our quality, sustainability and commitment to customer service. Cost effective and competitive, our products and service provide a eco-friendly alternative to single use plastics and offer substantial operational cost savings.

Environmentally friendly

We’re Green – we are driven by a desire to provide solutions that benefit the environment as well as the water they treat; Our Calcium Treatment Units are 100% recyclable and our iX filter range utilises a fully returnable internal media refill. This dramatically reduces single use plastic waste.

Solutions for cost sector businesses


A compact high-capacity reverse osmosis unit for use in commercial premises. It produces clean and safe food grade water for general use and prevents scale damage to equipment. Output 145-150 litres per hour.

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Optimise the water for beverage equipment with new PRIMA Calcium Treatment Unit from European WaterCare. The drinks will taste and smell fresher, and the machine will also be protected from the harmful effects of lime-scale.

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Improve the quality and taste of coffee and hot beverages whist being more ECO friendly. The iX ION ecofilter saves money and keep you green. Specially formulated to reduce scale and provide superior taste, aroma and crema for outstanding results.

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