For great tasting cold drinks.

Cold Drinks Machines

Consistent water quality means customer retention

A refreshing cold drink isn’t complete without ice. Freezing water to make ice causes the dissolved minerals in hard water to precipitate and coat the working surfaces. This leads to increased energy costs and poor quality ice. It will also lead to a reduction in ice production and will eventually cause equipment breakdown. Make sure ice cubes are bright and clear and protect your equipment from the potential damage of limescale.

  • Clear, clean ice for cubers & flakers
  • Treated water for post mix systems
  • Effective and economical
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Improves taste and odour

High-volume water treatment

Post mix cold drinks systems can use high volumes of water and taste quality is paramount to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Great quality ice also ensures cold drinks are of the highest standard. WaterCare’s specialist filters make sure of consistency drink after drink.

iX Taste

The iX TASTE has been specifically designed to provide better tasting drinks, whilst keeping costs as low as possible. The iX Insert Refill Technology also provides confidence that your environmental impact is lowered further.

Solutions for ice makers and post mix systems


A compact high-capacity reverse osmosis unit for use in a professional kitchen. It produces clean and safe water for ice machines, flakers and cold drinks systems. Output 75-80 litres per hour.

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iX TASTE ecofilters filters offer excellent filtration to ensure great tasting still or carbonated cold drinks through dispensers or bar guns. The large capacity of iX POSTMIX means water treatment costs are kept low.

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The iX ICE ecofilter ensures cubes are bright and clear and protects equipment from the potential damage of limescale. The iX ICE works with all major brands of flakers and cubers.

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