Premium water treatment for water boilers.

Water Boiler Sector

Effective water treatment for hot water dispensers

Water boilers are renowned for their tendency to succumb to the harmful effects of untreated hard water. It is essential to choose an effective method for reducing the impact of limescale whilst improving the taste and aroma of the water. WaterCare provide a range of water filtration to ensure the longevity of your water boiler as well as improving taste and odour.

  • Reduce harmful scale
  • Better taste and odour,
  • Increase equipment life
  • Clearer, brighter tea
  • Prevent tap leaks

Filters for water boilers – Hard water areas

Anyone who lives in a moderate or hard water area knows only too well the problems limescale can cause – they only have to look in the bottom of their kettle. WaterCare can provide whole water system treatment, In-line water treatment for specific equipment or water treatment at point of use (quick change cartridges that clip into the boiler itself). If you are unsure which best suits your needs, simply call our customer service team for best advice.

Filters for water boilers – Soft water areas

Just because water is soft, it doesn’t mean you do not need to treat it. Our range of filters specifically for softer water areas remove particulates as well as unwanted tastes and odours that can affect the flavour and quality of hot beverages. Ensure great tasting hot drinks with a water treatment filter from WaterCare.

Solutions for hot water boilers


Improve the quality and taste of coffee and hot beverages whist being more ECO friendly. The iX ION ecofilter saves money and keep you green. Specially formulated to reduce scale and provide superior taste, aroma and crema for outstanding results.

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A compact high-capacity reverse osmosis unit for use in a professional kitchen. It produces clean and safe water for water boilers and other uses. Output 75-80 litres per hour. 

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