Reverse Osmosis for exceptional water.

A compact high-capacity reverse osmosis unit for use in a professional kitchen. It produces clean and safe water for drinking, cooking and water for ice makers.

Reverse Osmosis Units are particularly cost-effective for caterers with extremely hard or variable water quality, who need volumes of treated water. RO offers a viable alternative to filters, calcium treatment units and demineralisation systems.

Output: 145-150 litres per hour.

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For the pro kitchen

RO will typically remove 97% of all dissolved solids and materials from the water including hardness minerals and chlorides.

For steam production, this is the only method that will remove chlorides, which will corrode the stainless steel used in ovens. Clean, fresh water for food preparation.

Cost-effective water treatment

Despite popular misconception, Reverse Osmosis Units are extremely cost-effective over an operational life-cycle for the professional caterer.

It provides reliable and consistent results when faced with variable or aggressive water quality.

3-Stage filtration

1/ Pre-filtration removes sediment impurities, chlorine and natural organic compounds.

2/ Reverse osmosis membrane eliminates 99.8% of dissolved impurities, viruses and bacteria.

3/ Post-filtration by activated carbon improves the taste and odour of water.

Dimensions and flow rates

DescriptionFlow Capacity (litres per hour)Water Consumption (litres per hour)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth(mm)
EcoSoft 3000 RO Unit145-150290-300445480380

Capacity based water hardness of 12° Clarke / 180 PPM

Ecosoft Robust 3000 for exceptional water quality