How carbon block works.

Carbon Block

The major difference between Carbon Block and GAC is the absorbing efficiency of each product. Due to the larger surface area of a carbon block filter, they have a better capacity for contaminant removal that GAC filters.

Carbon blocks are comprised of solid blocks of compressed carbon. As a result of this the water will be in contact with the carbon for much longer that GAC, which will lead to improved contaminant removal. Although GAC can support higher flow rates, Carbon Block negate any concerns around channeling of water, which can reduce contact time and impair effectiveness.

Due to the range of sizes available for Carbon Blocks, they also offer more flexibility and more applications that GAC.

Carbon Blocks and GAC are susceptible to bacteria, so the need for frequent replacements is essential. However, our Carbon Blocks are treated with trace amounts of silver which reduces bacterial growth.

Carbon Blocks are excellent at removing organic compounds including volatile organic compounds, THMs, pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine. They are also used for taste, colour and odour improvement.

Products using carbon block


The iX CARBON ecofilter provides the perfect filtration product for soft water regions, where scale is not an issue, by filtering the water to produce a clear, improvement in the quality of taste, colour and odour.

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