Dual port reverse osmosis system.

The 3M BL RO from 3M is a Dual Port Reverse Osmosis System that provides two water qualities for specialty coffee and flash steam applications.

It produce consistent high quality for hot beverages and steamers while maintaining efficient equipment operations in water conditions with high total dissolved solids and or hardness.

Output: 1300 litres per day

For the professional kitchen

Reverse Osmosis will typically remove 97% of all dissolved solids and materials from the water including hardness minerals and chlorides.

For steam production, this is the only method that will remove chlorides, which will corrode the stainless steel used in ovens.

The barista’s friend

For coffee, removing most of the dissolved solids from the water, allows baristas to start with a blank sheet of paper and ‘dial’ back in the required level of minerals to achieve unique results for the perfect espresso coffee experience. Its multi-stage filtration system purifies water and enriches it with minerals essential for perfect coffee taste and aroma.

Cost-effective water treatment

Despite popular misconception, Reverse Osmosis Units are extremely cost-effective over an operational life-cycle for the professional caterer.

It provides reliable and consistent results when faced with variable or aggressive water quality.

3M BL RO Dual port reverse osmosis system.