Why Water Treatment in your business is vital and how WaterCare can help you achieve it

Some people are of the opinion that ensuring you have the correct water treatment on your appliances is not important. They are sadly mistaken.

Water is used in many ways in a Commercial Kitchen, Combination Ovens, Coffee Machines, Ice Machines and Water Boilers and although the water may look harmless, it contains elements such as Calcium and Magnesium which will produce scale on heating elements and Chlorides which, in high levels, may cause corrosion of equipment. Both scenarios can result in serious downtime of equipment and an inevitable loss of income to a business.

This is where WaterCare, with its knowledge and expertise, can be an invaluable partner. With a wide range of products manufactured in the UK, cover all water types together with commitment to the environment by regenerating and recycling not only our own but also third-party filters, WaterCare can save you time and money.

Our Calcium Treatment Units (CTU’s) are designed for high usage ovens and Coffee machines while our IX cartridge filters, with its easy exchange cartridge or plastic reducing insert only replacement, offer different solutions to a range of water bourn problems. For complete protection we also offer Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Not only does a WaterCare CTU or IX filter protect equipment from the harmful effects of scale, it also has a carbon element which removes Chlorine from the water thus enhancing the taste and quality of beverages.

For continued protection, WaterCare offer a free of charge monitoring service whereby we asses the water usage of individual equipment and put in place a regular exchange programme to take the worry away and give you peace of mind.

By using a WaterCare water treatment system in your business, you can dramatically increase cost efficiency by prolonging the life of both large and small appliances. With the use of water filters, you can also decrease environmental impact and increase the quality and great taste of food and water your business serves.

Find out about our full range of products at www.watercare.co.uk or call 01279 780250.