Water Treatment Solutions: A Product Round-Up

A UK leading independent manufacturer of commercial water softeners, water filters and calcium treatment units, European Watercare offer cost-effective water treatment solutions for professionals. Want to know exactly what we can offer?

Without further ado, here’s a round up of all our products!

iX Water:

The iX Water is Britain’s first truly eco-friendly cartridge filter and comes with innovative Insert Refill technology. A new opportunity within the marketplace, it’s a cost-effective, yet sustainable alternative to the mainstream cartridge filters that are in use. You can use iX Water in vending machines, ice machines, coffee machines and water coolers. Reduce your carbon footprint and costs with iX Water today.


A huge factor in waterwashing is the quality of water used in the rinse. Water properties and impurities vary drastically depending on the region you live in and this affects the results of waterwashing. You can guarantee optimum water-washing results using our range of Autosoft manual and automatic softeners. From our automatic hot & cold water softeners, and manual cold water softeners, to our automatic hot & cold pumped softeners, we have something for everyone, no matter what region you live in.

CTU Prima:

Our Prima Calcium Treatment Units (CTU) have been specially formulated for coffee making equipment and espresso machines. Your coffee drinks will taste better, and they will certainly smell better too. This is because the Prima CTU is designed to remove harmful elements, but retain the unique minerals that enhance the coffee’s aroma and taste. Your coffee machine will also be safeguarded against the unhealthy effects of limescale, further ensuring a flawless coffee experience.

CTU Vapour:

European Watercare’s Vapour Calcium Treatment Units have been specially designed for steam ovens and other kitchen equipment, such as combi ovens, pasta cookers, Bratt pans and oilers that use steam. Over time, limescale builds up, attacking elements of your kitchen such as oven chambers, and this can lead to unnecessary expenses down the line. Our Vapour CTU effectively protects against limescale – protect your kitchen equipment today.

DeMin CTU:

On a quest for streak-free glassware? European Watercare have just the solution for you. Formulated for use with commercial glasswashers and dishwashers, our DeMin CTU’s remove up to 95% of dissolved solids, including calcium from the water supply, producing high quality water. The result of using our de-mineralisation units – clean and sparkling glasses straight from the dishwasher.


RObust RO are high technology reverse osmosis units. Those in the catering industry find high volumes of treated water obtained from reverse osmosis units (or even calcium treatment and demineralisation units too) extremely cost effective, as caterers typically have extremely hard or variable water quality. European Watercare supply ECOSOFT Reverse Osmosis water treatment solutions, such as our compact ECOSOFT RObust 1000 that produces clean and safe water for drinking and cooking.

Drain Flow Pumps:

European Watercare’s Drain Flow Pumps collect and pump away waste water, at temperatures of up to 96 degrees centigrade. Drain Flow Pumps have gradually become an essential part of commercial kitchens, especially when the floor gulley drainage is absent or when the ovens are situated away from the drainage points. It’s the only solution designed for pumping waste water away from island based combination ovens. We also supply Booster Pump sets to assist with water pressure, in order to maintain correct water pressure levels for the continued and efficient operation of appliances. The units are designed to work with all makes of water softeners and water filters.

BRITA Filters:

We stock a huge range of BRITA professional water filter cartridges, housings, filter heads and fittings. Our BRITA Purity AquaQuell is known for its effective prevention of limescale build-up and the safe removal of unwanted tastes and odours. The Purity AquaQuell range has 4 stages to the filtration process, providing consistent water quality for the entire service life of the filter.

3M Water Filters:

Providing protection against hard scale, corrosion, chloramines, chlorine tastes and odours, European Watercare’s 3M water filters are extremely popular. Our 3M ScaleGard Blend Series is an innovative and powerful system that combines chloramine reduction water filtration systems to not only reduce equipment damage, but also to improve the smell, taste and quality of water.

Everpure Filters:

Our Pentair Everpure Water Filters are specially formulated for ice machines and flakers, resulting in clearer, brighter and great tasting ice. We supply the Everpure Insurice Filter range, including the Proprietary Micro-Pure Filtration that specifically prevents the growth of bacteria on filters. The filters also help reduce water related ice machine issues that are a result of scale, dirt and dissolved minerals.

BWT Water Filters:

Our BWT Bestmax gives you an universal filter system that’s specially for the catering industry. The trade has has specific requirements (HORECA) whereby raw water needs to be optimised and this filter system fulfils this requirement. BWT Bestmax composes of a filter cartridge with varying filter levels and a blend partial flow, where the settings depend on the water hardness and requirement. Pressure resistant and safe, they can be used globally in any drinking water system.

ChemCare Cleaning Products:

European Watercare’s ChemCare cleaning products employ a highly advanced formula that removes stubborn stains and food deposits for a professional truly thorough clean. Our ChemCare dishwashing detergent and ChemCare glass-washing detergent have high sequestrate content, making it ideal for hard and soft water areas.

As you can tell, we have a ton of products to suit everyone. From water filters and cleaning products, to calcium treatment and reverse osmosis units (plus much more!), we have the solution for you. Contact European Watercare today to find the perfect water solution for your business.