All-in-one connected water treatment management.

Take control of your water filter costs and save money on expensive equipment repairs with a clear, simple management system that allows you to monitor water filter performance across your entire estate.

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Wi-Fi Connect Water Meter

The Next Evolutionary Step

WiFi Connected water filters and heads are the next evolutionary step following on from traditional flow meters and digital meters.

Traditional meters are dependent on personnel on site monitoring readings, recording these, understanding what they mean and relaying that information back to the original service provider in order to make sure that filters are exchanged at the correct intervals to continue to protect the equipment they serve.

The impact of any mis-read or missed readings will result in scale build-up occurring on the equipment, leading to potentially expensive repairs and inevitable downtime for busy commercial kitchens or cafés.

A WiFi connected filter will monitor the flow and quality of water. This information is fed directly into your dashboard available online or via mobile app to help create an efficient, well-managed water treatment process.

Save £££s by extending filter life to maximum usage.

Smart Monitoring of Water Filter Usage, Water Quality and Exchange Frequency


Connect all your water filters to the cloud via WiFi


Get realtime data on the status of every water filter via web, android and IOS devices.


Manage your entire estate of water filters and keep your business operating efficiently


Save money by exchanging filters on-time, every time and eliminate machine faults through scale build-up

Detailed remote monitoring and management