Who Are Against Breast Cancer and What Do They Do?

Against Breast Cancer are a charity who raise money to fund the research into preventing secondary breast cancer and finding new treatments. The founders are on a ‘quest for a future free of breast cancer’. The two behind the charity – Dr Anthony Leathem and his wife Patricia, selflessly worked hard to create the successful charity. They built it from the ground up themselves.

The couple started raising funds in the supermarkets growing and selling sweet peas and selling ginger cakes.

All their hard work and research is appreciated by many, including European WaterCare and Meiko UK Ltd, who are doing their part to raise money for the respected charity.

Meet the Duo Behind the Popular Pink Water Softener

European WaterCare

European WaterCare are UK manufacturers providing environmentally sound and cost effective watercare solutions. European WaterCare provide leading industries such as UK food service and warewashing with commercial water softeners, filters, calcium treatment units, reverse osmosis units and monitoring products.

Meiko UK Ltd

Meiko are a leading company in the UK for professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology. Meiko provide top of the range cleaning solutions for hotels, restaurants, bakers, canteens, nursing homes, hospitals and many more. Meiko were excited to be raising money for Against Breast Cancer, as it’s a charity close to their hearts.

How are we doing our part to help fight against cancer?

Earlier this year, European WaterCare and Meiko UK joined forces to help raise money for Against Breast Cancer. Together, the leading companies launched special promotion for pink water softeners.

They vowed for that every softener sold between March and June 6, 2018, they would jointly donate £50 to Against Breast Cancer.

The unique, pink water softener was manufactured by European WaterCare and supported by Meiko’s head office team, with the pink softener available to caterers nationwide. The team headed out to Hotelympia 2018 to display the hot pink softener, so consumers could see it for themselves!

Where did this amazing idea come from?

Paul Anderson visited the European WaterCare factory last year and asked the question ‘can you manufacture a Pink Water Softener?’

‘Of course we can! Why?’ ‘It would be a great idea to produce one and have on our stand at Hotelympia and use it to raise money for Breast Cancer’ he said.

So that’s exactly what this duo set out to do!

Success! The pink water softener campaign was a success to say the least. The team raised £620.00 for Against Breast Cancer!

European Water Care and Meiko Against Breast Cancer