The CTU Regeneration Process.

Our Calcium treatment units are specially formulated to prolong equipment life, improve efficiency and are 100% recyclable. The CTU can be regenerated, recycled and returned to market as a ‘regenerated unit’.

The purchasing and subsequent return of a regenerated unit is referred to as our ‘regen scheme’ or ‘regen credit system’.

Regenerated CTU units can be returned when exhausted in exchange for a credit note. This is not a buy back scheme.

A credit will only be raised in conjunction with a regen order and not against the purchase of a new unit.

*A credit will be issued based on the following criteria:
Returned regenerated units must be received by the Seller in usable condition.
Damages will incur additional charges.

Additionally, The buyer is responsible for returning the units for regeneration.
The regeneration scheme does not extend your payment terms.

Please see our terms and conditions section 11 for further details.