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soft water in hotels
The Benefits Of Soft Water In Hotels
  The hotel industry is a competitive sector, with hundreds of different establishments all competing to capture the attention of a finite number of travellers every year. As a result of this high competition, many hotels have found they have only one option: they have to go above and beyond what their competitors are offering,
against breast cancer water softener
European Water Care And Meiko Joined The Fight Against Breast Cancer
Who are Against Breast Cancer and what do they do? Against Breast Cancer are a charity who raise money to fund the research into preventing secondary breast cancer and finding new treatments. The founders are on a ‘quest for a future free of breast cancer’. The two behind the charity – Dr Anthony Leathem and
Christmas and New Year Opening Times
    We would like to inform you of our availability over the upcoming 2018 Christmas and New Year period. Last dispatch day for your professional water treatment products before Christmas is Friday 21st December 2018. We will be closing the office for the Christmas & New Year period on Friday 21st December 2018 at
European Watercare are delighted to be sponsoring the London to Monaco cycle ride in aid of The Blue Marine Foundation to help ocean conservation.
European Watercare Support London To Monaco Cycle For Marine Conservation Charity
European Watercare is delighted to have sponsored a 930-mile London to Monaco bike ride to raise funds for marine conservation. The London to Monaco Cycle is a charity event in aid of The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE).  BLUE is a conservation charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing around the
reverse osmosis water - European Watercare
The Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Water For Coffee Shops And Cafes
Reverse osmosis water sounds like it could be a setting on Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver or perhaps a problem with the warp drive on the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek. Osmosis is actually a natural process where molecules of a solution tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane into another solution until the concentration levels
water treatment technology
The Future Of Water Treatment Technology: What Will It Bring?
The Future Of Water Treatment Technology: What Will It Bring?   Did you know that 783 million people globally do not have access to clean and safe water? Did you also know that water scarcity in the future is a real issue? As a result, the future of water treatment technology will see fresh methods
water treatment solutions
Water Treatment Solutions: A Product Round-Up
Water Treatment Solutions: A Product Round-Up   A UK leading independent manufacturer of commercial water softeners, water filters and calcium treatment units, European Watercare offer cost-effective water treatment solutions for professionals. Want to know exactly what we can offer? Without further ado, here’s a round up of all our products!   iX Water: The iX
hard water vs soft water
Hard Water Vs. Soft Water: Which Is Better?
Hard Water Vs. Soft Water: Which Is Better? Most people think water is simply water. But, it’s way more complex than this. There are actually different kinds of water – hard water, soft water, boiled water, filtered water, mineral water, spring water and sparkling water, to name a few! However, all water can be sorted