WaterCare proudly introduce, the new iX Water range

Did you know, a single-use water filter contains as much plastic as 56 water bottles, which can also take up to 1000 years to biodegrade? Which would make you ask the question, ‘why replace a whole filter, when you can just replace the media insert only?’. We recognised it was time for change, which is why we have developed the new iX Water filter range.

Our iX Water filters are the first truly eco-friendly, 100% recyclable cartridge filter on the market, offering Insert Refill Technology to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost-effective alternative to mainstream cartridge water filters. For use on coffee machines, water coolers, ice machines, vending machines, and catering applications. The iX range offers a comprehensive product in a cost effective, efficient, flexible, and stylish package.

We are extremely aware of the negative impact that waste plastic has on the environment, plus with the uncertainty of where the hospitality industry will be in the next 12 months following Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve created a product and program designed to not only reduce your costs significantly, but also recycle 100% of the expired media inserts and return these back into the marketplace – keeping costs & waste down, whilst creating measurable control.

The iXWater range now has a newly designed head for ease of maintenance. The iXWater head has quick shut off, flush valve and an optional digital flow meter. The head also has a variable bypass to allow some untreated water to be dialled back into the water supply which is essential for better coffee extraction and taste.

We are passionate about providing cost effective, eco-friendly solutions to water treatment. Our NEW, improved iX range of water filters, along with our Replace & Return Program provide an easy, responsible, and cost-effective alternative to current one-way systems.

Discover the full iX Water range here or call us on 01279 780250 to make the switch to iX Water today!