CTU Registration

Registering your CTU will enable us to monitor water usage and exchange at the correct intervals. This will minimise costs and maximise protection. You will have complete peace of mind that your equipment is protected from lime scale and will continue to run efficiently. Failure to complete registration may invalidate your warranty.

CTU Registration

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FREE Water Testing

bottIn order to get the best and efficient use of your CTU and to help us set up a managed exchange programme it is imperative that you send a sample of your non-treated water. Our chemists at European WaterCare will test the water to ascertain the best exchange schedule for your water type.

  1. Fill-non treated cold water to brim of sample bottle
  2. Complete tag provided and stick to bottle cap
  3. Place in Freepost envelope provided and post

If you have any questions or require a replacement testing kit please contact our head office by calling 01279 780250