Commercial Water Softeners

WaterCare stock a range of commercial water softeners to suit most businesses. The range includes, hot water softeners, cold water softeners and pumped systems for low pressure situations.

All our softeners are made in Britain in our own fully equipped manufacturing plant in Harlow, Essex. WaterCare are a UK manufacturer at the forefront of water treatment technology. Our products are WRAS approved and we have work to strict standards and enjoy certifications, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001 environmental standard.

Commercial Water Softeners – professional water treatment

Our commercial COLD water softeners provide high quality softened water for ware washing and laundry. They provide water that will help make crockery and cutlery noticeably clean and bright. Glassware will also appear sparkling and streak-free. The other main benefit of our commercial water softeners is that they protect equipment such as glasswashers and dishwashers from the harmful effects of limescale.

Unsoftened water contains calcium ions that results in limescale deposits to build up in pipes and heating elements. This causes equipment to become less efficient, need more electricity and detergent and eventually fail. The new Pentair valve in our cold-water softeners makes them a dream to service, set up and have better regeneration capacity.

Our HOT water softeners can soften hot water directly and provide similar benefits to our cold water units. Hot water softeners are available in a range of sizes to suit most businesses. Our small 10 litre compact unit is ideal for the low volume user and the other capacities are 14, 18 and 30 litres (for the heavy volume user).

Our PUMPED commercial water softeners incorporate an electronically controlled pump that has been designed for situations of low water pressure or low water flow. Hot or cold versions are also available with Break Tank where a CLASS ‘A’ air gap is required.

The Autosoft Pro Pumped Dual Temp Softener provides simultaneous soft water for both hot and cold feeds. The integrated electronically controlled pumps allow use in situations where water pressure is low or has low flow rate.

Protect equipment and enjoy softener laundry, cleaner crockery and sparkling glassware with a commercial water softener from WaterCare.

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