Calcium Treatment Units

WaterCare’s Calcium Treatment Units will protect catering equipment from scale related problems and ensure maximum efficiency of both the equipment and help ensure a long and trouble free service.

Our Calcium Treatment Units are WRAS approved and are the first units to be able to separate resin and carbon to give optimum capacity and efficiency. We also provide a nationwide monitoring and exchange programme to make certain that your equipment has constant protection.

Calcium Treatment Units

WaterCare manufacture and supply two popular types of unit, CTU Prima and CTU Vapour. Both types are available in 5, 10, 18, 23 and 30 litres capacities to perfectly match the equipment being protected.

PRIMA Calcium Treatment Units are specially formulated for use with espresso machines, coffee making equipment and vending machines.

Use PRIMA for the perfect coffee and delicious hot beverages

Get the most from your coffee and vending machines with Calcium Treatment Units (CTU) from WaterCare. Not only will the drinks taste and smell fresher, but the machine will also be protected from the harmful effects of lime-scale, ensuring maximum coffee flavour for a perfect coffee experience. CTU’s also ensure consistent products are served which is vital to the discerning customer.

With a PRIMA CTU to protect their equipment from lime-scale they can avoid serious malfunction of boilers, steam wands and dispense heads etc. – thus saving themselves from the major expense of machine servicing and repair as well as maintaining your own reputation for supplying quality equipment. Our CTUs for beverage equipment are designed with a blended head to further improve the taste and quality of the coffee on offer.

VAPOUR Calcium Treatment Units specially formulated for steam ovens and catering equipment using steam.

Use VAPOUR for perfect steamed vegetables and protect the equipment too

Restaurants increasingly demand outstanding quality from both the food that is produced and the equipment that produces it. Maintaining equipment through the provision of top quality water is essential in today’s foodservice market. Most food preparation methods, such as steaming and regeneration, involve steam, which obviously relies upon water.

Untreated, equipment such as Combi Ovens, Pasta Cookers, Bratt Pans or Boilers will suffer from a build up of lime scale which will attack elements, oven chambers and sensors and will lead to expensive break-downs and unwanted kitchen down-time. This can be avoid by use of VAPOUR calcium treatment units.

Exchange Service

WaterCare Service provides a full monitoring and exchange service that includes our scale free guarantee. To find out how you can benefit financially from this programme, whilst protecting your clients from the problems of scale, please contact your account holder today.

Duplex, Triplex and Multiplex Calcium Treatment Unit Systems

These systems will suit the treatment of water in large volumes or when used by more than one piece of equipment. Any number of canisters can be linked together to provide the required quantity of treated water. Units can be fitted with countdown meters set in accordance with water hardness and linked to an audible warning to indicate when the units are approaching exhaustion. All equipment to be treated by this system should be served by a plastic/alkathene ring main.

Duplex CTU Unit

2x CTU30s together as one unit with hoses and countdown timer. Used by us in the Prison Service. They can have special Volt free contacts that allow them to be linked up to a remote system (central computer) so that they can be monitored.

Call European WaterCare for Calcium Treatment Units advice and recommendations. Our CTUs are the original and best – 100% made in Britain.

Calcium Treatment Unit
Calcium Treatment Units