Sustainability through plastics and media recycling

The WaterCare exchange program ensures all expired resin from their Calcium Treatment Units and iX water filters are regenerated and recycled for use again and again. This means the plastics and resin are kept within the water treatment cycle and not discarded into the environment.

Whilst there is an obvious benefit to the environment, an added benefit is the cost saving. Customers of WaterCare often see substantial savings over other water treatment companies, especially those based outside the UK.

    • CTUs use regenerated / recycled resin
    • iX Filters use Insert Refill & Recycle Technology
    • NPD commitment to recycled materials
    • WaterCare exchange program for effective recycling

A mission to increase recycling

WaterCare are committed to maintaining and increasing the amount of recycling we do for our clients as well as within our business. Since the launch of the iX Water eco-friendly filters, recycling has steadily increased whilst the amount of resin and plastics sent to landfill has diminished.

Manufactured in the UK

WaterCare products are manufactured in a facility in the UK before being distributed. This is unlike many competitors, whose manufacturing facilities are based on the continent, thereby attracting associated transportation and energy costs.

Eliminating single-use filters

The revolutionary iX water filter effectively eliminates harmful, single use water filters. Rather than throwing spent filters away where they take up to 1000 years to bio-degrade, iX filters use a changeable insert which is recyclable and also saves money too.

Plastics Pledge

WaterCare's ongoing plastics policy is to look for ways of replacing non recyclable plastics with recyclable alternatives wherever possible. Since 2016 WaterCare have made great strides by developing products that benefit the environment and will continue to do so into the future.