For great tasting hot beverages.

The ix taste uses Insert Refill Technology to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters already in the marketplace. For use with espresso machines and hot beverage systems.

Available in midi, maxi &03 versions

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For scale reduction & improved taste

Improve the quality and taste of your drinking water while being more ECO friendly. The ix brew midi ix brew maxi and 03 (ion-exchange) filter saves you money and keeps you green.

Specially formulated ion-exchange resin with carbon block for excellent scale reduction and improved taste.

Quick replacement cartridge

Simple initial installation and quarter turn release mechanism shuts off water supply for easy maintenance and cartridge exchange.

NSF Certified components & WRAS certified media. Suitable for Vending and Food Service Applications.

Eco friendly

Insert Refill Technology provides a genuinely sustainable and cost effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters. When you order a new ix brew or a replacement Media Insert Refill, you’ll receive a free recycling kit consisting of a pre-paid envelope, and a sealable, watertight bag. Going green has never been so easy!

Litres treated


ix brew midi


ix brew maxi


ix brew 03

Dimensions and Capacities

SPECIFICATIONSix brew midiix brew maxiix brew 03
Height with head350mm535mm620mm
Height of cartridge275mm460mm600mm
Height Head70mm70mm70mm
Capacity @ 180PPM1300 litres3000 litres6800 litres
Flow Rate Max (L/PM)151515
Pressure2-6 bar2-6 bar2-6 bar
Max Temp35°C35°C35°C
Connection P/F3/8”3/8”3/8”

ix brew, the money saving, eco water filter