The all-natural, chemical free solutions, to create healthier indoor work spaces.

Betterair offer a natural solution for purer air for any indoor environment, and supply the world’s first 3D surface and air probiotic purifier. Betterair products have been proven to reduce mould, dust mites and allergens that are triggers for asthma and allergic reactions for a better working environment.

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BetterAir Products

Probiotic air and surface purifier

While conventional air purifiers kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria in the air, BetterAir products actively release environmental probiotics that improve indoor air quality and prolong the cleanliness of indoor surfaces by landing on hard and soft surfaces and consuming resources available to harmful bacteria including dust mite excrement, pollen, pet dander and shed skin cells.

The products are 100% chemical-free and organic, safe for humans and animals and also count odour management among its benefits.

BetterAir products don’t kill bacteria but add probiotics – the good bacteria that live in our systems – into the environment, which then minimise the presence of harmful bacteria indoors.

The average person spends over 90 % of their time indoors and our body systems aren’t ready for the aggressive bacteria in our surroundings. Our aim is to prevent illnesses and infections, rather than cure.

BetterAir are dedicated to improving quality of life by bringing balance to indoor living and work spaces by replenishing them with beneficial Enviro-Biotics™ . Our line of products accommodate any indoor space from small rooms to large-scale commercial buildings. BetterAir purifiers are chemical-free, 100% natural and safe for humans and pets.

WaterCare are an authorised supplier of Better Air products.

5 Times

Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.


An average person spends 90% of life indoors.

Millions of Britons suffer from indoor allergies caused by poor air ventilation, chemical cleaning and indoor irritants.

Environmental Probiotics consume organic irritants such as:

How do Enviro-Biotics™ work?

Similar to probiotics’ positive effects on our bodies, BetterAir’s patented Enviro-Biotics™ restore a natural balance to our indoor spaces. By limiting the growth of harmful bacteria BetterAir creates an effective, long-lasting solution to air purity.

Enviro-Biotics™ are continuously released into the air and onto objects and surfaces indoors.

A protective shield forms against air and surface contaminants.

The shield creates an inhospitable environment for harmful pathogens.

Enviro-Biotics™ restore indoor ecological balance.


BetterAir can be installed directly into a air con system to circulate through air ducts or as a stand-alone unit for individual rooms/offices.

Better Air, good for us and the environment